Refrigeration Cycle: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Refrigeration cycle explained: it’s 5 essential parts: Below is the refrigeration basic schematic diagram separated into : Compressor. Condenser. Thermostatic expansion valve (TXV or TEV) or Metering Device. Evaporator. Piping 1. Compressors: What is the purpose of a compressor in refrigeration cycle? The compressor in a Refrigeration system is to compress the low-pressure dry gas[…]

9 Factors to Consider Before Installing ducted AC systems

Factors affecting an air conditioning system. The higher the temperature of the air the more water vapor it can hold, that’s why our sweat feels sticky in the summer season, this is known as humidity, extremes of which can be uncomfortable. The atmosphere contains a number of water particles in suspension from the evaporation of[…]

15 Major Components and Controls of Refrigeration System

How refrigeration compressors work 1.HERMETIC Refrigeration compressor or (fridge compressor) Hermetic compressor mostly used in household refrigerators, both motor and compressor are enclosed in a steel housing also known as a hermetic container where no gas or liquid can enter or escape from the welding seals welded around the container. The hermetic compressor has a[…]

Refrigeration system: problems, causes and solutions

Refrigeration System Problems and Solutions: 1. Room temperature warm Lack of refrigerant present in the system. Blocked filter at the drier or expansion valve. Evaporator inlet solenoid closed. Condenser fan motor issue, less heat transfer available for a given mass of refrigerant. Defrosting element still operational. Compressor capacity control faulty leading to less coolant effect[…]

Industrial Refrigeration System: illustrated Helpful Guide

Industrial refrigeration: Industrial refrigeration systems are heavily used in supermarkets, airports and provision stores for storing a variety of foods, vegetables, and frozen products using multiple evaporators set at different temperatures. Large refrigeration compressors usually consist of 2 to 4 cylinder units to handle large refrigeration plants. Only some compressor cylinder units are provided with[…]