Refrigeration Cycle: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Refrigeration cycle explained: it’s 5 essential parts: Table of Contents Refrigeration cycle explained: it’s 5 essential parts:1. Compressors: What is the purpose of a compressor in refrigeration cycle?2. How a refrigeration Condenser works:3. What is a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV or TEV) or Metering valve: Throttling device?4. How does an Evaporator Coil work?5. Why critical[…]

Refrigerant charging-step by step procedure

“Refrigerant charging” Table of Contents “Refrigerant charging”1. Why do we need to evacuate an air conditioning system or a refrigeration system?2. Liquid refrigerant charging3. Refrigerant Gas charging4. What is Copper Plating process in a refrigerating system?Refrigerant Charging Methods:Case 1: Refrigerant gas charging in ac | air conditionerCASE 2: Air Conditioning system: Low refrigerant chargeMajor HFC[…]

ducted air conditioning system

9 Factors to Consider Before Installing ducted AC systems

Factors affecting an air conditioning system. Table of Contents Factors affecting an air conditioning system.1. Relative humidity2. Dew Point3. Specific humidity4. Dry bulb temperature5. Wet bulb temperature6. What is a Comfort zone in Air Conditioning System?Five Major Dry Air Problems From Air conditioner | AC On our BodyEffect of Legionella bacteria in Air Conditioning Systems8.[…]

15 Major Components and Controls of Refrigeration System

How refrigeration compressors work Table of Contents How refrigeration compressors work1.HERMETIC Refrigeration compressor or (fridge compressor)2. Commercial Refrigeration Compressor2a. Question: Why a coupling is needed in a commercial refrigeration compressor and motor?2b. Question: What is the function of a Mechanical Seal in a refrigeration compressor?3. Thermostatic expansion valve (TEV or TXV)| Metering valve?4. Why an[…]

Refrigeration system: problems, causes and solutions

Refrigeration System Problems and Solutions: Table of Contents Refrigeration System Problems and Solutions:1. Room temperature warm2. Compressor suction pressure high3. Compressor suction pressure low4. Compressor discharge pressure highCauses for discharge high pressure:5. Abnormal noise heard during operation6. Compressor low oil pressureThe following would cause low lube oil pressure:Chocked oil filterOil separator blockage preventing oil return[…]

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Industrial Refrigeration System: illustrated Helpful Guide

Industrial refrigeration: Table of Contents Industrial refrigeration:How does an industrial refrigeration system work?Why it is important to use a backpressure valve ?Case 1: Stopping of the refrigeration systemCase 2: Starting of the refrigeration systemCase 3. Safety devices in an industrial refrigeration systemOil pressure sensor:Electric heater for defrostingRoutine maintenance in an industrial refrigeration system: Industrial refrigeration[…]