Refrigeration Cycle: A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Refrigeration cycle explained: it’s 5 essential parts: Below is the refrigeration basic schematic diagram (click to expand images below) separated into : Compressor. Condenser. Thermostatic expansion valve (TXV or TEV) or Metering Device. Evaporator. Piping 1. Compressors: What is the purpose of a compressor in refrigeration cycle? The compressor in a Refrigeration system is to[…]

Refrigerant charging-step by step procedure

“Refrigerant charging” 1. Why do we need to evacuate an air conditioning system or a refrigeration system? All the refrigeration systems are designed to run without moisture and non-condensable gases; else it may not work as designed and is likely to fail prematurely. The presence of moisture in the air conditioning system may lead to[…]